Supported OS: Samsung Bada

Remember-It is an application that helps you to learn (and remember) all kind of things that you can write to cards. Therefore it uses the principle of virtual cards (flash cards), each card with text on the front and back side that will represent the content the user intends to learn.

Remember-It Apps-Store

Features of Remember-It

  • Arbitrary number of books and cards
  • Support of pictures (front and/or back side)
  • Possible use of HTML for card content design
  • Statistical data for each card per user
  • Statistics summary for book, card and user
  • Multiple users on one device
  • Multiple options for the learn session (random selection, arbitrary selection of books, adjustable learn session size, cards in session)
  • Included sample data
  • Import/Export of CSV-Files
  • Detailed help texts

An essential part of Remember-It is, that for each single card for each user the application holds an own statistic about when and with which result the card was requested. With that information Remember-It estimates after each request a time how long the user will remember the content of the card. So the application knows when it has to request the user again with the content of that card.

This estimated time will automatically increase, if the user knows the content of the card repeatedly. On the other side if the user fails to remember the content right, the estimated remembering time will be reset to zero or reduced depending on your own rating of your answer. The program chooses (with the default settings) only due or new cards to learn, so you are not bothered with learn content you already know. It's ideal to use the program regular, so a due card will be requested again a short time after it gets due, because then there is a very good chance you remember the content right and really fix the content in your memory.

All cards are organized in books. A card belongs always to exactly one book. You are free to define any books and cards you like. You can define them on the device or also on a PC and import the cards to your device. If you have the content you intend to learn on your device, you can do this by starting learn sessions. If you start a learn session, you can select all, some or only one book. Also you have a lot of options that influence the cards that will be chosen and the order they will be requested. You can import CSV files that are formatted in the Remember-It format.

Lite version

Remember-It Lite Apps-Store

The lite version of Remember-It is limited to learn only 100 different cards. That means after the first hundred of selected cards there will no more new cards be selected in learn sessions. But this hundred cards can be learnt as long and often as you want. It's also possible to delete the cards or only the learn progress of this cards and learn other cards. There are no other limitations in the lite version.